Cantilevered House Rises Over The Treetops To Capture The Best Views

Taking a cue from its neighbors, this house is split into two wings, each with its own distinct design features and an orientation that makes the most of the views, taking advantage of the site’s location and topography. This cantilevered house was designed by studio John Pardey Architects in 2015 and the spaces within its two wings adds up to 288 square meters in total. One section houses the bedrooms and study area into a two-storey structure. The other is a social volume which contains the living room, kitchen and dining area. This section cantilevers over the creek, offering views of the valley, over the treetops.
The cantilevered section of the house forms a protective roof over ground floor deckThe glass railings frame the terrace without obstructing the views, seamlessly connecting the indoor to the outdoor
The entrance features a large and solid front door which leads into a glazed atrium. The timber cladding gives the house a simple and modest appearance and helps it better connect with its surroundings. In contrast, the interior spaces are bright, with wooden floors that make them seem warm and welcoming and full-height windows which bring the outdoors in and expose them to the panoramic views. The two wings are connected by a glazed hallway which is accessible via a bridge. The living area has access to an open terrace with glass railings and the bedrooms have their own way of staying connected to the exterior without compromising privacy.
The two wings have different orientations and different floor plans which give each one a distinctive characterThe ground floor spaces extend onto an open deck with one section placed below the cantilevered wingThe living room has a fireplace which doubles as a space divider, separating the lounge area from the rest of the floor planClerestory windows bring natural light into this bedroom in a subtle but efficient wayThe bedrooms are exposed to the views without sacrificing their privacyA separate barbecue area is set up next to the deck, at a lower level and closer to the valleyThe chimney runs through the living room extending above and below the volumeOn the outside, the house is clad in dark timber which helps it blend into the landscapeThe interior design as a whole is simple, intentionally uncomplicated so that the views can remain the focal points of the spaces