If space is an issue, you should check out our top 10 best TV wall mounts in 2020 reviews

We have gathered these top-rated items to help you make a smart purchasing decision. You can use these wall mounts to secure your TV and keep it off the ground. This way, you can continue watching your favorite shows without worrying about a cramped space at home. It’s a win-win!

When buying the best TV wall mounts, it is best to consider important factors. For instance, it should be sturdy. This is very important to accommodate your TV’s weight. Ideal materials are stainless steel and heavy-duty metal. This way, your TV can remain secure while mounted on the wall. Additionally, it needs to have a swivel capability. This is a great feature as it allows you to watch your movies with ease. You can find it convenient to be in any location in your home while positioning your TV according to your preferences.
Best TV Wall Mounts in 2020 Reviews
Moreover, choose a unit that contains all the hardware you will need. Be sure the screws are included. This will help you to have a much more efficient time with the installation. Lastly, make sure the unit is just the right dimension for your needs. Have a look at our top 10 best TV wall mounts in 2020 reviews. These are our best picks based on our analysis of the different features and specifications of each item. Let’s check them out below.
Quick Pick # Preview Product Price 1 VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount kit with Free Magnetic Stud Finder and HDMI Cable for Most 26-55 TV... $29.99 Buy on Amazon 2 Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 37-70 Inches TVs, TV Mount with VESA up to... $28.99 Buy on Amazon 3 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts TV Bracket for Most 32-55 Inch Flat Screen TV/ Mount Bracket , Full... $44.94 Buy on Amazon 4 Everstone Adjustable Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 32-80 Inch LED,LCD,OLED,Plasma F... $22.99 Buy on Amazon 5 Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket Low Profile for Most 23-55 Inch LED, LCD, OLED, Plasma Flat Screen TVs... $22.49 Buy on Amazon 6 Everstone TV Wall Mount Fit for Most 26"-60" TVs Heavy Duty Dual Arm Articulating Full Motion Tilt... $32.99 Buy on Amazon 7 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts TV Bracket for Most 26-55" TVs, TV Mount with Perfect Center Design,... $29.99 Buy on Amazon 8 Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket Articulating Arms Swivels Tilts Extension Rotation for... $26.49 Buy on Amazon 9 PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount for Most 26-55 Inch Flat Curved TVs with Swivels, Tilts & Extends 19.5 Inch... $28.99 Buy on Amazon 10 USX MOUNT Full Motion Swivel Articulating Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for 26-55" LED, OLED and 4K... $27.99 Buy on Amazon
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10. AmazonBasics TV Mount

When you need the finest TV mount for your home or office, this one from AmazonBasics is a practical choice. In fact, it deserves to be in our top 10 best TV wall mounts in 2020 reviews. It contains a number of cool features. For instance, it can swivel from right to left. The unit is sturdy, too. It is crafted from high-quality steel that can hold a maximum of 132 pounds. As for the hardware, this is all included in the box.

Our only gripe about this product is the installation process. Unfortunately, it is a bit tricky. This is all because of the vague instructions included. But other than that, we think it is truly well-made and functional.
  Get it now on Amazon.com 9. Perlesmith Tilting Low Profile TV Wall Mount

Whether you have a flat-screen TV or LCD TV, you will find this TV wall mount from Perlesmith a smart choice. It comes with a universal design, which means it can handle different styles of TV. The unit has everything you need for installation. Just hang your TV, and it should be good to go. This is an outstanding wall mount that will free up more floor space. And most importantly, it makes viewing enjoyable by keeping your TV at the right height.

Overall, we think this is an amazing product worth the price. The installation process can be a little challenging for some people, though. But after you have it set up, you will love how great this unit works.
  Get it now on Amazon.com 8. Mounting Dream Swivel TV Wall Mount

There are so many things to love about this TV wall mount. This is why it deserves to be in our top 10 best TV wall mounts in 2020 reviews. It has a universal design. Thus, it should be able to handle various TV types and models. The maximum load capacity is 99 pounds. This should suffice for most televisions. As for the installation, you will like the fact that the hardware is included. There is also instruction on how to install the TV on this wall mount.

Keep in mind that this unit is not designed for a drywall type of installation. Other than that, everything else seems to work fine about it. This is truly worth your money.
  Get it now on Amazon.com 7. Pipishell TV Wall Mount

This TV wall mount is strong, practical, and reliable. It keeps your TV high up and secures on the wall. In fact, it can accommodate a maximum weight of 132 pounds. No matter what TV model you have, this wall mount can handle it. Plus, it can organize your TV and eliminate the need for a bulky rack. This can also give your home a neat appearance. Lastly, the unit can be adjusted and swiveled. This way, you can achieve a customized viewing experience.

For the most part, we think this product really works well. However, the instructions can be a little bit confusing at first. But after getting it all setup, you will like how it looks in your home. It is practical and great-looking!
  Get it now on Amazon.com 6. VideoSecu TV Wall Mount

Do you have limited space at home? In this case, this TV wall mount is perfect for your needs. You can use this to mount your TV on the wall to keep your floor space less cramped. The unit can hold a maximum load of 88 pounds. It can also work well with various brands and models of TV. As for the design, it is a low profile. This allows you to put it firmly on the wall and keep it centered. Lastly, you can pan and tilt the wall mount for your viewing enjoyment.

This is without a doubt an excellent wall mount to use for your TV. Just keep in mind that using washers on the external part of the mount is a smart idea. This makes installation and securing the TV easier.
  Get it now on Amazon.com 5. Everstone TV Wall Mount

No matter what TV type you have, this wall mount from Everstone can handle it. In fact, you can use this for your LCD, Plasma, and other types of TV. Its universal design makes it easy to use and install. Tilting is also easy with this unit. You can easily tilt your TV to various degrees – tool-free! Moreover, setting up is quick and simple. The instructions are included in the box to help you out.

This is a cheap TV wall mount that does the job. It may not be the most good-looking TV wall mount but it works. So, if you want a good value for your money, this product will not disappoint.
  Get it now on Amazon.com 4. Everstone Full Motion Tilt Wall Mount

Enjoy the ease of watching Tv at the height you prefer. This TV wall mount from Everstone makes it possible for you. There are dual arms that keep your TV secure. As long as it is within the load capacity, this TV wall mount should work well. Moreover, it allows you to tilt your TV to various degrees. You can also extend it to a few inches. With these adjustability features, you will have a more convenient time with your viewing.

This is truly a versatile and dependable TV wall mount. The price is a little steep. However, it works perfectly well and does the job. Thus, we highly recommend this product in our top 10 best TV wall mounts in 2020 reviews.
  Get it now on Amazon.com 3. ECHOGEAR TV Wall Mount Low Profile

We simply love this TV wall mount from Echogear. It comes with an upgraded design, which makes it even better. The unit eliminates screen glare, thanks to the tilt function. You can use it to adjust your TV to the desired setting. This unit has a wide plate. What this does is to make it easy to center the wall mount. You should have an easy time installing and setting it up. Thus, it is just right for the price!

This is hands down one of the finest TV wall mounts in stores today. Some people may find it a little bulky and not very sleek. But as for the rest of the features, we think it works just fine.
  Get it now on Amazon.com 2.Cheetah TV Wall Mount

You will love so many things about this TV wall mount. It is sleek, stylish, and simply practical. It can accommodate different models of tV. Whether you have a Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and other brands, you can be sure this wall mount can fit them perfectly. The unit has an easy installation design. It also lets you rotate and tilt your TV for your viewing pleasure. Lastly, everything you need to set it up is included in the package.

Make it a point to read the instructions carefully when installing this unit. Most of the issues encountered by buyers were due to the inability to follow directions. Otherwise, this is a fine product worth your money.
  Get it now on Amazon.com 1. ECHOGEAR TV Wall Mount

This product from Echogear rules our top 10 best TV wall mounts in 2020 reviews. After all, it is simply one of the finest in stores today! In fact, it can eliminate nasty screen glare, thanks to the tilt function. You can conveniently watch your shows without any discomfort. The unit also has a unique low-profile design. What this does is to keep your TV secure. You can also have access to the cables without any problem. Lastly, the unit is steel-made. This keeps it sturdy and heavy-duty.

There is no doubt this TV wall mount is exceptional. It is a bit pricey, though. Fortunately, you can expect a high level of quality from this item. This is why it is worth your buck.
  Get it now on Amazon.com
There you have our top 10 best TV wall mounts in 2020 reviews. After knowing more about your top options, you can go ahead and search for your preferred item. Just be sure to factor in your own preference and study the features these items provide.

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