rosformat50- 7+ Pans - BetterThingsHome Expandable Pan Organizer Rack
rosformat50- 7+ Pans - BetterThingsHome Expandable Pan Organizer Rack

rosformat50- 7+ Pans - BetterThingsHome Expandable Pan Organizer Rack

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CUSTOMIZABLE LENGTH(Patent Pending): Ideal for all kitchens and spaces, adjustable between 12.25 and 22.25 inches for unbeatable versatility and a perfect fit across all cupboards, cabinets and worktops.

HOLDS 7+ PANS & LIDS: 7 easily adjustable dividers keep your pans secure and are adjustable in increments of 0.6 inches. NEED MORE STORAGE? BTH Expandable rack with 10 DIVIDERS is available for purchase (ASIN: B07D19LX7K) OR Additional Dividers sold separately (ASIN: B0786X5F54).

PAN PROTECTION: A special coating covers each divider to ensure your pans are completely protected from damage or scratching when being placed into or removed from the divider.

Matching Expandable Pot LID Organizer Rack Sold Separately(ASIN: B079B2T533) : If you would like the same high quality, convenient and reliable storage for your lids, take a look at our matching POT LID organizer to make sure that your kitchen cupboards, counters, and units are totally organized!

MAXIMIZES SPACE: It’s ideal for use where space is at a premium such as smaller or busy kitchens, its ideal for use on a counter top, in a cupboard or even under the sink to reduce clutter. ll Dimensions: 7.5"W x 7"H x 12.5~22.25"L (fully expanded)

Shipping time: 2-5 business days

Making the most of your available kitchen space is now easier than ever thanks to this exceptional pan storage device. Now 7 + pans and pots can be easily and securely stored on the countertop, in the cupboards or cabinets or under the sink which allows you to maximize your available kitchen space and make the most out of every single inch. It’s an essential kitchen storage solution!


Expandable between 12.5 and 22.25 inches (USPTO Patent Pending) 

It has an innovate expanding mechanism, patent pending, which allows it to move between 12.5 and 22.25 inches in length, giving you unbeatable control over the amount of space you want to use. 

Store more than 7 pans and pots, additional coated dividers are available for purchase separately allowing unlimited storage (ASIN: B0786X5F54). 

Features adjustable dividers 7+ pans/lids, making the most of your kitchen space! 

Works with any size pans. Thanks to the adjustable dividers, all sorts of pans can fit easily whether they be frying pans, woks, casserole pots and beyond. 

Your pans are now always to hand. Forget searching through cupboards and clanking through everything you own. This is a safe, reliable and convenient way of storing your crockery.  

Fully designed within the US to be safe to use and operate as well as to protect your pans’ finish! 

The special coating on each divider helps protect your pans from damage while putting them in and taking them out of the holders. 

Silicone feet are non-slip meaning your kitchen surfaces are protected and your pans are at no risk of falling from the unit because it sits securely in place.  

It can also be used as a separate two piece organizer, maximizing convenience and versatility. 

Each organizer measures 1) 12.5” W x 7.5”D X 7”H and 2) 12” W x 7.5”D X 7”H when used separately. 

The perfect way for ordering pans, lids, pots and platters. Keep your cupboard, cabinet, countertops and much more clear from clutter no matter what size your kitchen is. 

Product information

Size:BTH Expandable Pan Rack (w/ 7 Dividers)
Product Dimensions 12.5 x 7.5 x 7 inches
Item Weight 1.15 pounds
Shipping Weight 1.15 pounds 
Manufacturer Better Things Home
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